Team and Match Information

1  Players who wear tee shirts must have the same color of the jersey
    Exception:  If teams have the same color jerseys and have reversible jerseys and are
    asked by The Padre Serra tournament to switch, only then are they permitted to wear
    different color tee shirts
2. Only the Head Coach permitted to stand in front of their bench
3. If a coach or the bench receives a technical foul, the Head Coach has to remain seated for the rest of the game
    He is only permitted to stand to call a time-out , if the coach receives a 2nd technical foul, he/she will be 
    removed from the game
4. Once any team is leading by 15 points , no back court pressure unless the lead goes back under 15 points
5. Once a team is leading by 20 points in the 4th quarter, the clock will run except for time-outs unless the 
    lead goes down to 10 points 
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