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Overview for Coaches

  • Coaches: after you have received your 2019 invitation letter, please read the following.
  • Just enter Your Team Registration Code on the form at the RIGHT and hit enter.
  • Download your application form, team roster, view tournament rules and eligibility requirements
  • COMPLETE and SAVE the PDFs.
  • UPLOAD your team photo, completed application, and roster The Padre Serra Tournament.
  • All forms must be sent both via mail and electronically. Please ensure mailed copies are hand-signed, and PDF versions are signed electronically.
  • Coaches are responsible to read and abide by the Game Substituion Procedures and the Special Rules.
  • In all cases be sure to include contact information. Contact the Padre Serra Tournament online with any questions.


Coaches, in the past you were required to register with the site.  This is NO LONGER THE CASE.  Simply use your Team Registration Code to access important Padre documents and information.


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