Coach Resources

  • Coaches: after you have received your 2018 invitation letter, please read the following.
  • Register for coach access to this website if you have not already done so.  Once registered and your account verified, you may login and download/upload tournament forms.
  • For registration, you'll need to choose a unique username, provide a valid email address, and select a password that is a minimum of 8 characters long containing at least 1 upper case letter and one digit.
  • Once registered, please login using the form at the right to download your application form, team roster, view tournament rules and eligibility requirements, and to send your team photos, applications, roster or other documents to The Padre Serra Tournament.
  • All forms must be sent both via mail and electronically. Please ensure mailed copies are hand-signed, and PDF versions are signed electronically.
  • Coaches are responsible to read and abide by the Game Substituion Procedures and the Special Rules.
  • In all cases be sure to include contact information. Contact the Padre Serra Tournament online with any questions.


Coaches, you must REGISTER to set up your login for the tournament site. For security reasons, activation of your account may take up to 24 hours, although most activations should be complete within the first few hours.