Team and Match Information

  • 1st horn occurs 15 seconds prior to the end of a time out and the end of the halftime period.
  • Players should be on the court and ready for play when the 2nd horn sounds.
  • All players must verbally report to the scorer BEFORE 1st horn to legally enter the game.
  • 1st horn means it is time to send your team out to play so they are on the court and ready by the 2nd horn.

Coaches’ Responsibilities

  • Immediately after taking the court for pregame warm-ups, tell the scorer your 5 starters.
  • Tell the scorer your 2nd half starters by 1st horn signaling the end of the halftime period.
  • Send subs to report to the scorer immediately at the start of a timeout – subs must verbally report BEFORE 1st Horn.
  • Between 1st/2nd & 3rd/4th quarters, subs must verbally report BEORE 1st Horn.
  • Tell subs who they are replacing before you send them to the table.
  • Teach your players how to legally check in before your 1st Padre game.
  • Only the head coach may stand within the coaching box (The coaching box runs from the baseline to the perpendicular line on the sideline near the top of the 3 point arc)

Players’ Responsibilities

  • Go to the “X” at midcourt and verbally report to the scorer stating their # and the # of the player they are replacing.
  • Wait for the scorer to verbally acknowledge their request to enter the game.
  • Kneel or sit at the “X” at midcourt until the referee beckons them to enter the game.

Game Info

  • 2 full and 2 thirty second timeouts per game
  • 15 point lead – no backcourt pressure
  • 20 point lead in the 4th quarter – running clock for the remainder of the game

Remember to BRING BASKETBALLS for warmups