Team and Match Information

1  T-shirts worn by players must be the same color as the jersey.
    Exception:  If teams have the same color jerseys, and a team is asked by the Padre Serra tournament to switch to a different color jersey the day of the game, only then are they permitted to wear different color t-shirts.
2. Only the Head Coach is permitted to stand during play within the coaching box.
3. If a coach or the bench receives a technical foul, the Head Coach must remain seated for the rest of the game, except when calling a timeout.  If the coach or the bench receives a second technical foul, the Head Coach will be removed from the gym.
4. Once any team is leading by 15 points, no back-court pressure is allowed.
5. Once a team is leading by 20 points in the 4th quarter, the clock will run continuously, except for timeouts, unless the lead decreases to 10 points.
**Please note that teams are responsible for bringing their own basketballs for warmups.
Revised: Feb 2018