Tournament Update: August 1, 2020

August 1, 2020

As we continue to work with new Coronavirus rules in place, we just wanted to keep you informed of what has been happening.

The 2020 tournament was cancelled, and all the t shirts and programs were distributed to players and coaches. Some schools asked for the entry fees to be returned and we understand that. But one of the best surprises was the fact that even more schools told us that we could keep the entry fees to support the Serra Club’s mission of promoting vocations to the Catholic Church here in SE Wisconsin. What a blessing that was. While it falls way short of the money that we usually raise for vocations, we did have some money remaining to help after all of the bills were paid and that was a welcome side effect of our Coronavirus shortened tournament.

FEEL THE POWER OF THE PADRE!In just a few more weeks we will begin planning for the 2021 Padre Serra Tournament and as we do that, we can use your prayers. Let’s use the power of prayer to help eradicate the virus, develop a vaccine, and play basketball once again.

Continue to have a great summer and a productive start to the new school year. As always please remember to:           

                                    FEEL THE POWER….

                                                                                     ….. OF THE PADRE

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